Attention PREPS Districts! We launched our CREATIVE AWARDS today! This will be an opportunity for you to showcase the creative ways your district has overcome the obstacles of 2020!

Our first award to highlight is the CREATIVE CONNECTIVITY AWARD - What are we looking for? This school year started off like no other in our lifetime! There were many challenges and obstacles in our way. However, the biggest hurdle for most has been in the ability to provide connectivity for our students. Did your district find ways to get hot spots or broadband to your students? How did you accomplish this? What are some of the ways your students can get on the Internet? How did you make it happen? To apply for this award, share your story with us by providing video, PowerPoints, pictures, or a PDF narrative. We want to know all the ways you were creative with your connectivity! (If you would like to submit multiple artifacts for this award, please compile all the artifacts and embed them into one PowerPoint or pdf format.)

To apply the district will login to and upload artifiacts supporting this award. With no extra paperwork and a simple upload, you will be entered in to our system!

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