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Know Your PREPS Benefits


  • RESEARCH UPDATES -Superintendents will receive the weekly MARSHALL MEMO so that the latest research and trends can be shared with principals and faculty.

  • LEGAL UPDATES -All school administrators will receive monthly SCHOOL LAW updates to keep you all current and knowledgeable about education litigation.

  • POSITIVE PR through social and newspaper media for your district and a voice to celebrate public school successes!

  • CEO ACADEMY- Our CEO Leadership Academy will be underway in August, and PREPS members who have been selected will receive a significate tuition discount. Also, they will receive 9-hours graduate credit from WCU.  Leadership networking opportunities will be invaluable to your school leaders.

  • MSREA/NREA MEMBERSHIP - Automatic membership to MS Rural Education and National Rural Education Association.

  • MAPE MEMBERSHIP- PREPS pays for your membership to the Mississippi Association of Partners in Education which allows you to benefit from all their services as well. Visit to learn more about MAPE and their Governor’s Awards which you will be eligible for through your membership.

  • CEU DISCOUNT-50% off the WCU MasterIn-Service Program to provide "free" CEUs for your teachers. For more information visit

  • PREPS averages $1500 membership.  Dues range from $588 - $3,000.  The former fee structure was $1/student with a cap of $5000.  The current fee structure caps out at $3,000 making it more affordable during difficult budget times.  All districts receive the same benefits no matter how big or small the size of their district.

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