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Know Your PREPS Benefits


Stay Informed with Research Updates

Weekly Marshall Memo: Superintendents will receive the latest research and trends, ready to share with principals and faculty.


Stay Current with Legal Updates

Monthly School Law Updates: All school administrators will be kept up-to-date on the latest education litigation and legal matters.

Promote Positive PR

Social and Newspaper Media: Celebrate your district's successes with positive PR through social media and local newspapers.


Enhance Leadership with CEO Academy

CEO Leadership Academy: Our Leadership Academy is perfect for both novice and veteran current administrators!  Upon successful completion of the academy you can earn 6 hours of graduate credit from WCU towards your specialist or doctorate, 5 OSLS, or 50 SEMIs. This is an invaluable networking opportunity for your school leaders.


Benefit from Memberships
  • MSREA/NREA Memberships: Automatic membership to the Mississippi Rural Education Association and the National Rural Education Association.

  • MAPE Membership: PREPS covers your membership to the Mississippi Association of Partners in Education, granting access to their services and eligibility for the Governor’s Awards. Visit [MAPE]( to learn more.


Ensure your district maximizes these exclusive benefits by staying connected and informed with PREPS!
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