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Attention PK-12 Administrators - It is time to apply for the 2024-25 PREPS CEO Leadership Academy!

Collaborating to Empower Others (CEO) Leadership Academy is designed to enhance the growth of Mississippi PK-12 practicing administrators. The mission of the PREPS CEO Leadership Academy is to provide school leaders with a solid background in school culture, data analysis, and instructional theory.

The unique design of the CEO Leadership Academy allows for the creation of a state-wide network of passionate school leaders, whereby trust and support will be readily available for all administrative situations. As the group meets both in-person and virtually and discusses possible scenarios that could occur on any day at any school, it will become evident that we all deal with the same type of conundrums even though we may be miles apart.

360 Leadership Evaluation - Our CEO Leadership Academy helps you to set leadership goals, and offers you real-time assistance as you grow to reach new milestones with your leadership. With the 360 leadership assessment you will be able to see the results of your efforts by the end of the training. Each session is based on the latest research and are based on the Professional Standards for Educational Leaders (PSEL).

Networking - This PREPS training is specifically designed to help you connect with other administrators from around the state. Our sessions will initiate conversations that will allow for significant support and personal growth with your fellow cohort members.

The Phil Hardin Foundation of Meridian continues to be a valuable sponsor to help reduce the tuition costs of the program. We are very grateful to the foundation for their support.

The CEO Leadership Academy will be held throughout the 2024-25 school year and launches in. The academy has limited seats and is competitive. Selected applicants will represent all 4 corners of the state.

The cost of the academy is projected to be $495 for PREPS member districts. Non-PREPS member district applicants will be charged $1495. This fee will cover ALL books and supplies that will be needed as well as some meals and activities that we will provide during times that we come together face-to-face.

Successful CEO graduates will receive OSL, SEMI, or 6 hours of graduate credit from William Carey University. Options for six hours of WCU graduate course credit are below: Ed.S. EDL 717 Leading in Diverse Culture Ed.S. EDL 704 Data-Driven Decision-Making or Ed.D. EDL 732 Data Analysis Ed.D. EDL 830 Developing a Culture of Learning

There will be a $40 application fee for choosing course credit.


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