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Tips to Support Novice Teachers - October

Tip #1 - Find ways to include novice teachers in the larger school community to highlight their strengths without adding to their responsibilities.

Tip #2 - Explain grading, conference procedures, and expectations.

Tip #3 - Provide release time for novice teachers to meet with mentors.

Tip #4 - Review routine classroom procedures and discipline plans.

Tip #5 - Give encouraging feedback and recognition for jobs well done.

Tip #6 - Take their class to lunch or recess and allow them extra time to work on preparing for lessons or conferences.

Tip #7 - Remember to be aware of the phases new teachers go through and provide support and encouragement during the survival and disillusionment phases (September – December, Moir 1995).

Tip #8 - Chocolate candy is always a welcome "treat"!

Adapted from monthly list for beginning teachers.

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