This year the MAPE/PREPS Partnership conference will be held at Hattiesburg’s Lake Terrace Convention Center on Feb. 25-26, 2019. Mark your calendars and make plans to attend now. For more information contact

Keynote #1:

Motivate, inspire and create a sense of urgency through a keynote presentation with Anthony Colannino. This will be a highly engaging and interactive presentation where Anthony will share a message of hope and optimism focused on creating a district and school culture where growth mindset thrives. This session will draw explicit connection between building this culture and attracting and retaining effective, happy teachers. Anthony will challenge educators to evaluate their own experiences, mindsets and examine how it relates to their day to day practice.


Breakout Sessions: In the more intimate breakout sessions, Anthony will build on the keynote to support participants to truly internalize growth mindset through activities and discussion. Anthony will facilitate two breakout sessions – one for school and district administrators and one for teachers.

Administrator Session

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand cultural elements that impact improved student results: mindsets, beliefs, behaviors and outcomes

  • Learn from a case study from a district that moved from 40% HS graduation rate to 92% using growth mindset as a driver

  • Determine and deliver on the elements of change/support from Knoster's Complex Change Model: Vision, Skills, Incentives, Resources and Action Planning

Teacher Session

Learning Outcomes:

· Empathize with student mindsets: fixed, mixed and growth

· Understand feedback as a driver of mindsets

· Hear the difference between fixed-minded and growth-minded feedback and practice improved feedback for better academic results

Keynote#2: Kim Marshall, author Marshall Memo


Important changes have occurred in educators’ and the lay public’s attitudes on a number of key issues in K-12 schools. Kim will explore positive shifts in these old beliefs:

- Intelligence and talent are fixed at birth

- Poverty is destiny

- Principals are primarily managers

- Great teachers are born, not made

- Teacher evaluation is mostly a waste of time

- Students’ feedback on teachers can’t be taken seriously

- Tests are tests

- Teachers can’t be held responsible for student learning

With each one, Kim will describe new thinking that provides brighter prospects for improving teaching and learning for all students. Participants will ponder whether colleagues, students, and other stakeholders still hold the old beliefs, share success stories on how beliefs have been changed, and elicit specific plans for making progress in one or two key areas “back home.”

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