What happens after you register for the conference?

After you register for the conference, you will check back with us on March 5 at 1PM for the live awards ceremony if you would like. Then, following the awards ceremony the courses will appear for you! You will just click and watch the ones that you would like. Courses will be available from March 5 - March 31. If you are a teacher you must attend at least 5 sessions for CEU credit. To receive the CEU credit follow the instructions on the site.

You can download the talentlms app to your phone too! This will make watching the sessions even more convenient for you!

After you download the APP it may ask you for the domain. Type in preps. Then it may say what branch, just click conference.

Some courses will be already there waiting on you. You may choose others by clicking on profile, and then scrolling down to OPEN WEB PORTAL. There you will see the course catalog.

If all of that is too confusing just click on this link to the course catalog and you should be able to see all the courses we have. If you are using your phone, there will be 3 pages of courses, you will need to click to see pages 2 and 3.


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