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Phil Hardin Foundation Supports MS Leadership Academy

PREPS - Collaborating to Empower Others (CEO) will provide distinguished school leaders with an avenue to sharpen their skill set and acquire new strategies to lead. The Phil Hardin Foundation has once again committed to helping make a difference in public school leadership across the state by providing funds through a grant which will enable reduced cost for the Mississippi school districts.

Additionally, participants will receive Masters/Specialist/Doctorate college credit depending on their program of study or SEMI/OSL credit for the training through William Carey University. The academy will encompass five seminars throughout the school year with the first session being held August 20-21 on the William Carey University Campus.

The objective of the academy is to provide a network of school leaders. Through the journey of the academy sessions leaders will learn more about navigating the roles and responsibilities of leadership, creating change while maintaining consensus and consistency, and designing strategies and processes for beating the odds. The academy will provide resources for developing unique ways to achieve academic improvement and success and secure faculty through retention and marketing techniques.

Participation in the academy will lead to the longevity of quality leaders who will strengthen schools.

The Leadership Academy will provide high quality research-based professional development with training that will include but not limited to:

Ethical Issues in Administration - identifying specific roles of the school administration and the leadership principles. Acting with Integrity and fairness and making the tough choices will be explored.

Learning Research-Based in Instruction Theory - examining the research-based approaches to leading and assessing instructional processes given the study of theory and research in educational pedagogy.

Developing the Culture of Learning- challenging school leaders to create a learning culture within the organization that will empower people to quickly adapt and anticipate a change to grow through innovation.

The design of the program creates a setting that is open to quality focused sharing, academic leadership conversation, and collegiality. The objective is to present information through guided conversation allowing participants to openly discuss the alternatives that may lead to improved leadership capacity. All activities are designed to foster collaboration, sharing, and understanding. School leaders will be introduced to new ideas of leadership, new strategies of problem solving and problem prevention, along with innovative ways to examine every aspect of leadership roles.


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