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Writing in Science and Math Classrooms

Writing in Science and Math Classrooms

Presenter: Dr. Tricia Bridges

Presented Tuesday, February 27 at 2:15-3:00 pm

As students engage in STEM classes and expand their knowledge in science, mathematics, and technology, they soon learn that what they know is important, but what they can do with what they know is essential. A key tool for making sense of information is writing, yet teachers of subjects other than English/Language Arts often feel ill-equipped to infuse writing as a teaching and learning task even though Mississippi College and Career Standards include standards for literacy/writing in science, social studies, and technical subjects.

This session will focus on participants building understanding of the role of writing to learn. They will learn methods for developing writing tasks and assignments aligned to MCCRS in STEM classrooms, strategies for providing instructional support to students as they write, and methods for providing teacher and peer feedback on writing tasks. Participants will also examine scoring writing using a Standards-aligned rubric.

Dr. Tricia Bridges is a career educator with experience as a secondary classroom teacher, a district level administrator, a teacher-coach, and an author and presenter of professional development sessions locally, state-wide, and nationally. After 26 years in public education, Dr. Bridges joined JBHM Education Group to begin the teacher-coaching division of the school-improvement company. She served seven years as corporate director of Teacher Coaching before being named as state director for Mississippi. Dr. Bridges continued to serve as Mississippi director after JBHM was purchased six years ago and the name of the company was changed to Generation Ready.

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