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STEP: Personalized Physical Literacy for Physical Activity and Social-Emotional Learning

Presented: Monday, February 26 2:45-3:45 pm

Presenters: Neal Stephens, Meagan Hartman

Attendees will learn of the importance of addressing physical literacy in an educational setting and will also take away practical opportunities for utilizing personalized physical literacy in an elementary school setting. Research shows that being physically active later in life depends on confidence in an activity setting which comes from having learned fundamental movement, or physical literacy, as a child. Personalized physical literacy leverages personalized learning to address the core physical skills of balance, coordination, and eye-tracking, customized for each child.

A Harvard graduate, Neal Stephens began giving back in high school through tutoring and mentorship initiatives, continued that in college by running after-school programs for inner city youth, and now leads a passionate STEP team committed to bringing physical literacy solutions to educators across the country.

Meagan Hartman earned her bachelor's degree in education from Saint Mary's College at Notre Dame and her master's degree in educational psychology from the University of Northern Colorado. After eight years of teaching 1st-4th grades, she joined the STEP team to help students reach their full potential through physical literacy.

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