➢ Keynote- Data that Counts


What data actually makes an impact on student learning? Principals and teachers have incredible amounts of data at their disposal. Assessment systems, curriculum, supplemental programs, all produce data. However, how can this data be harnessed to make decisions that have the greatest impact on student learning. How can educators gather critical insights from data to build a coherent support system for every student? 


HMH Data Architect, Dr. David Bain, will present MS state assessment data in a visually unique way while challenging participants to think differently about the story the data tells with regard to the students we serve daily. 


➢ Individualized Breakout Session – Bringing Your District Data to Life 

In this breakout session, Dr. David Bain will lead participants in a deeper dive to examine a sample of district specific data. The purpose of the session is to model the thinking and questioning techniques district and school leaders should use they interact with a variety of forms of information (MS state assessment data, 3rd party adaptive assessment data such as NWEA, iReady, STAR, and classroom content data) to design learning pathways for students.  Districts must register for this session at least 3 weeks in advance. * 


Additional Breakouts Provided by our PARTNERS: Hanover Research Council LLC, Bailey Education, Advanced Instructional Management (AIM), Renaissance, Performance Based Education Group, and School Status.